• Overview

For those who are eager to have a packed and active day, this tour requires an early start.
You will commence your day by being picked up and driven part of the way up the mountain to the half-way point, where you will start your hike up the mountain to the Lalibela Hudad.
The hike takes between one and one and a half hours and will take you past local farmland and the Abuchagula nature reserve.
Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the Lalibela Hudads’ staff and offered cold drinks, and after a morning exploring the plateau, you will be served a freshly cooked lunch.
In the early afternoon you will start the ascent from the lodge and hike over and back up to the spectacularly situated church of Asheten Maryam. The hike takes between one and a half and two hours.
After a brief visit to the church, the hike down to Nakutalab takes a further two hours. This is down a steep and rugged path, and offers vertiginous vistas of the valleys below.
The church of Nakutalab is situated in a shallow cave with falling water with famed healing properties and upon completing your visit to the church, a vehicle will pick you up and drive you back to Lalibela.


All Inclusive (includes vehicular transport, mule and muleteer, guide, food, drinks, church entries and community home visit):
1 or 2 people: $199.99
3 to 5 People: $139.99

If you prefer to hike, you can omit Mule and Muleteer:
1 or 2 people: $179.99
3 to 5 people: $119.99

Please Note:
1) Prices are per person.
2) Larger Groups should contact us directly to obtain further discounts.